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My Kona fishing photos page is updated frequently

Nov. 23rd.  We got into some 40 to 60 lb. ahi tunas and had a few bites but none of them would stick. Right after leaving the area we got hit on that same lure so I thought it might be an ahi but it turned out being a baby blue marlin about 60 lbs. that hadn’t even grown a nose yet. I let it go so it would grow up. To the untrained eye, people might think this was a shortbill spearfish but I know better. We also caught and released this 100 lb. shark.

Nov. 20th.  It was too rough to get to my favorite spot up North so I went to my favorite spot to the South. Patrick and his wife were looking for tunas to make ahi poke. They weren’t disappointed. I also dropped some meat to the bottom and caught this almaco jack.

Nov. 16th.  I went to my usual spot where I’ve been catching the otaru tunas and they weren’t there. I decided to head to one of the FAD’s and found the school way offshore. We went 3 for 4.

Nov. 15th.

No one has caught any ono in quite a while here. Usually ono are caught near shore but we caught this one offshore.

We also went to a FAD where we caught a few small ahi tunas.











Nov. 13th.

David wanted his wife to catch this tuna but it proved too strong fro her to get in so David had to finish the fight.

He also caught and released this shark.






Nov. 12th.

Still the #1 catch of the day is tunas.

We only got one today on this 3/4 day trip but that’s better than nothin’.

Nov. 6th.  The otaru tuna bite is still going strong but soon the water temperature will cool down and they’ll be gone.

We also caught some small mackerel to drop to the bottom and were rewarded with this shark.

Nov. 2nd.  100+ lb. amberjack are a rare catch with maybe getting one or two in a whole year. Today was a first!

We caught two over 100 lbs. back-to-back.

Oct. 30th.  The tunas are still biting. We also caught and released a barracuda.

Oct. 29th.  The tuna bite is going good up North. They’re not showing on the surface much but they’re there.

With all those tunas around I was sure there would likely be a marlin around too. There was 🙂

Oct. 23rd.  The first fight of the day was a tuna that pulled hook right before it got to the boat. We got the 2nd one.

Sending a mackerel to the bottom we caught and released this shark. Not bad for a short trip.

Oct. 22nd.  A busy day with lots of action. We had 2 marlin on. Got one and lost one. We got 2 tunas. One good size and the other, not so much.

Going to the bottom we went 2 for 2 with the catch and release of an amberjack and the 2nd fish is the biggest gray snapper I’ve ever seen.

Oct. 16th.  It was good to be out on the water again after not being out for a week. I didn’t forget how to catch fish 🙂

We caught mackerel and sent them to the bottom where we scored a galapogos shark and a giant trevally.

Oct. 9th.  Sharks are a specialty of mine. They’re usually quite large and fight real hard. Shark identification can be a little difficult because they look so similar. I told Jim that his shark was a bignose shark (top photo) but after examining the photo close up, it turns out that it is actually a silky shark. The bottom shark is a galapogos shark.

Oct. 4th.  Again it’s the bottom fishing that got us the big ones. While trolling we caught some small tunas, the perfect bottom bait. First on the line was an almaco jack and next up was a sandbar shark.

Oct. 2nd.  After several hours of trolling, the day just wasn’t panning out so I broke out the spinning tackle to do some deep speed jigging. First up was a small almaco jack.

The next fish on was huge! I’m pretty sure it was a giant trevally. The problem with a long fish fight is that sharks will eventually eat what you’re fighting.

Because of the size of the fish, It was probably a tiger shark that ate it.


Sept. 20th.  I’m not sure what happened. I must have turned my camera off before the picture of the angler loaded into the camera.

I did get a decent photo of the sandbar shark though.

Sept. 14th.  After catching some small tunas, I sent some chunks to the bottom and scored a bignose shark.

Sept. 11th.  We got what is called “a clean sweep”. All of the major fish. It was just David and me on the boat so David was a reel busy guy. It started when I found the ahi tunas and David caught 6 of those. We also found the ono in that same area. Shortly after leaving that area David caught and released a blue marlin. We ended the day with a mahi mahi.

 Sept. 10th.

One of those days when we lost almost every fish and there were plenty.

Luckily this ono stayed on the line all the way to the boat.

Sept. 4th.  Some local guys from the ohter side of the island came out for some food fish. They weren’t disappointed with a mahi mahi and 2 otaru tunas.

Aug. 21st.

I’ve been experimenting with some new lures and the otaru tunas seem to love them. The ahi tuna and the mahi mahi were both caught on another lure that I make. Dropping tuna chunks, we scored a giant trevally and a shark.

Aug. 17th.


I tried some different techniques today but only got bit a couple of times and no fish to the  boat.


Trolling home we lucked out and got this mahi mahi.


It’s not mahi mahi season right now.






Aug. 14th.


I covered a lot of water looking for fish and I finally caught this ono.


Ono are usually near shore but I caught this one pretty far out.







Aug. 9th.

Couldn’t find any fish while trolling but dropping jigs to the bottom scored us a couple of amberjacks.

Aug. 7th.


The water got rough up North where I found the fish yesterday so I was forced to go South.


I found a small ahi and a couple other tunas.





Aug. 6th.

After being out of the water in dry dock for 2 weeks it was nice to be out on the water again. It didn’t take me long to find the fish either. While trolling we caught and released a barracuda, And for the dinner table, an ono and a few tunas. Going to the bottom we caught and released a shark.

July 23rd.

After catching some small tunas, dropping a fresh chunk to the bottom scored us a shark.

July 17th.

One of those days when we missed more than we caught. Some small tunas gave us bottom fishing bait. We caught and released one shark and after had a real big shark on the line but we pulled the hook. We had a couple of nice size tunas on and also pulled the hooks. On the troll home we caught and released this marlin.

July 16th.


Spearfish season is over but I found a couple of them still hanging around.


Father and son each caught and released one but dad’s picture didn’t come out.




July 13th.

I tried to release this marlin but it just wouldn’t calm down. The hook ended up down it’s throat and tore out some gills so I had to take it.





July 10th.

I have kept the last several marlin for smoked and dried meat so I have plenty of that now so I decided to release any marlin today but 4 out of the 5 marlin we had on today released themselves.
This 114 lb. ahi tuna ended up going to the fish market.


July 9th. 

We were the 2nd boat on a “floater” that was loaded with fish. On the first pass we had 4 lines hooked up with just myself and 1 angler on board. Before the bite ended we had scored 10 ahi tunas, 2 mahi mahi and 2 ono. We lost several fish also especially when I went to light spinning tackle. The last fish is an oceanic trigger. In all my years, this is the first one I ever caught on a lure.

July 5th.

The trolling bite has slowed down making it hard to even catch the smaller bait fish.


While looking for bait, this ahi tuna decided to jump on my line.





July 2nd.

After catching a few small tunas it was time to try the bottom. We caught and released an almaco jack and a shark. The trolling bite has slowed down.

June 29th.

It’s been a while since I had a double marlin day. The bigger one is heading to the smoker but marlin meat is so dense that it first needs to brine for 4 days!


The smaller (but not small) marlin will be seasoned and sun dried.


We also caught a few ‘Chunk Light’ tunas for the dinner table.


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