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My Kona fishing photos page is updated frequently

Sept. 27th.  We actually caught and released 4 sharks but I ran out of room trying to get everyone in the pics and all of the fish too. We caught an otaru tuna trolling and 4 sharks and an almaco jack bottom fishing.

Sept. 26th.  We ran into some small ahi tunas early in the trip and then later caught a otaru tuna. Going to the bottom we caught and released this bluefin trevally and a shark. Bluefin are usually in shallow water but this one was 400′ deep.

Sept. 24th.  Bad weather kept me from going to the good bottom fishing grounds today so we targeted ono. It’s late in the season for thm and I had just about given up but then we had a double bite and landed one.

Sept. 20th.  After catching a small tuna, I chopped it up to make 4 bottom baits. All 4 sharks bit instantly.

Sept. 19th.  While waiting for a good photo position, this 200 lb. shark broke the 300 lb. test leader. We had an even bigger shark on earlier and the line broke. We also bagged a couple otaru tunas.

Sept. 16th.  The deep water trolling bite hasn’t been very good lately but speed jigging the bottom worked out well. This is a good side-by-side on how to recognize the differences between an amberjack and an almaco jack.

Sept. 10th.  Today we went 2 for 3 on ono. No luck trolling in the deep.

Sept. 5th. Some good otaru tuna action today along with the somewhat rare photo of the captain. I used some of the tuna meat and caught this shark.

Sept. 3rd.  We went 0 for 2 on marlin today. It was speed jigging that got us a fish, this almaco jack.

Aug. 26th.  Some trips are more about catching fish for the dinner table rather than for sport. An ono and a couple small ahi tunas fit the request.

Aug 22nd.  Big fish for everyone. Trolling wasn’t very good today but the bottom bite was hot! The otaru tuna was the first bite and normally this would go to the dinner table but since we couldn’t land any other fish for bait, I sacrificed the otaru and turned it into 2 amberjacks and 2 sharks.

Aug. 20th.  Today was a jigging and casting trip. People who come to do this usually bring their own gear and these guys had plenty of high quality stuff. Our first almaco jack was chopped by a shark but we did catch and release 2 more. We also scored a rainbow runner for the dinner table. We casted to several tunas of all sizes but no takers.

Aug. 19th.  Lot’s of action today but we missed more than we caught. While trolling we missed 2 marlin, an ono and an otaru tuna. Sending bait to the bottom, we scored a shark, a giant trevally and a small snapper.

Aug. 16th.

We caught a mahi mahi before I even had all of the lines in the water.

We caught some mackerel and used them for bottom bait. 2 for 4 on sharks.

Aug. 12th.  The boat has been down for 2 weeks and I finally got it fixed. A short trip with a bunch of kids so I went after the smaller tunas. 2 ahi and a skipjack. We also had a marlin on but it shool the hook.

Jul. 26th.  I haven’t been out in over a week and the target was food fish so I was glad that the ono were still around. We also picked up a good eating odd ball. Kawa kawa tuna are a fairly rare catch and the larger ones (like this) are REALLY good.

Jul. 18th.  After going 2 for 4 on ono and plenty of meat for the dinner table, we set our sites on deep water trolling. We raided a marlin that gave us a good whack but didn’t stick.

July 15th.  Offshore and fishing the ledge wasn’t working so we decided to try for ono. That required changing all of the lures. I only had 2 ono lures in play when we caught this one. We then decided to try offshore again. With only 3 lures in play, we caught this 134 lb. ahi tuna. Darrin said he had had enough and it was time to head home.

July 11th.  We found this ahi tuna while working the ledge looking for bottom fishing bait. We never did find any so we went out to the deep.

We found a small mahi mahi and while reeling it in, a marlin grabbed anohter lure. Because of the mahi mahi, I was unable to maneuver the boat the way I wanted and the marlin got off. We also had a spearfish on but it shook the hook.

July 9th.  We spent the morning looking for ono and it took quite a while to finally get one. We were on a meat hunt. I went further offshore to see what I could find. I went to one of my hot spots and I wasn’t expecting to find ono there but we got 3 ono bites but only landed one. We also landed this ahi tuna.

July 8th.  Only one ono today. We had a double, both on at the same time but one shook the hook out. We also had a marlin bite offshore and it shook the hook too.

July 5th.  We started off the day hunting ono and got one. I went looking for some bottom bait and got a small tuna. That makes 2 baits. One got us this shark and the other got us this amberjack.

July 4th.  A kids fishing day. One ono and one tuna.

We also had a spearfish on but it came off.

July 2nd.

We went for big game first and we caught this marlin early in the trip.

Then we went for food fish in “ono Lane” where we went 1 for 3.

July 1st.  No ono bites today but we got small tunas and went 1 for 2 on sharks. We also missed a spearfish while trolling.

June 27th. Today was a meat hunt so I spent most of the trip in “ono lane”. These 2 provided plenty meat.

June 20th.  I found some small tunas and mackerels and it didn’t take long to get bites from the bottom. 2 sharks back-to-back. Then we set our sites on some ono for the dinner table. We thought we had one but it ended up being a barracuda. Not edible.

June 18th.

We hooked this marlin right in front of the harbor while I was still giving everyone the anglers briefing.

We had another marlin bite later but it didn’t stick.

June 17th.  I found a couple small tunas and we decided to go to the bottom with them. The bites were pretty quick and in less than an hour we caught and released 3 sharks. We trolled the deep for the rest of the day. We had an ahi bite and lost a spearfish.

June 14th.  We were looking for fish to cook up so I started the day targeting ono. it didn’t take long and we got a double. Later in the day I fished near the offshore fish farm and got another double ono. Got one and lost one right at the boat.

June 13th.  The bite slowed down. Couldn’t catch any bait. We went trolling for ono in the afternoon where we got one and had another bite that didn’t stick.

June 7th.

Some days you miss more than you catch.

We got this ahi tuna early in the trip and shortly after hooked up another. We got it right up to the boat but then it made a hard run and came off of the hook.

We also had a double spearfish bite and missed both of them. Bottom fishing turned up nothing.

June 6th.  It’s always interesting when you get 2 fish on at the same time. This time it was spearfish and luckily one of them was on stand-up tackle and the other fought from the fighting chair. Less of a problem that way. Also, ono and otaru tuna.

June 4th.  I didn’t do any bottom fishing today because the trolling bite kept us busy. They weren’t readily biting but we got 5 otaru tunas. That means “chunk light” tuna in English. We also caught a spearfish.

June 3rd.

We had some trolling bites today. Got a big ahi tuna and a bunch of smaller ‘chunk light’ tunas.

I found the bait fish and dropping to the bottom, we caught and released this shark (below).

May 31st. Found a pile of bait fish and used them for some bottom drops. We caught and released this shark. None of the other bites stuck.

May 30th.  Some days it’s harder to find the fish. Trolling in the deep wasn’t working so I went into the ledge to possibly find some bait. We had a tripple ono attack. One bit off the lure, one shook free and we got this one.

May 28th.  I was just giving up on catching ono and we were reeling in the ono lures when we got one. With the offshore lures out (different than the ono lures) we scored 3 ahi tunas. One of them being a hundred pounder.

May 24th.  Success with both trolling and bottom fishing today. An ono trolling and a shark going to the bottom.

May 23rd.  Not every day can be a multiple fish day. The bottom bite has been good and we scored this amberjack.

May 21st.  I couldn’t find bait fish today so we went jigging. 3 almaco jacks. Nothing while trolling.

May 20th.  Using small tunas for bait, we went for bigger game bottom fish where we scored an amberjack, an almaco jack and a shark. Heading home I went for ono and scored one of those.

May 17th.  A couple ono for the dinner table. I’ve been having good luck fishing close to shore for ono lately.

May 13th.  No camera trouble today so I got photos of all of the days fish. The day started real slow but then we ran into some otaru tunas. Shortly after we caught and released this spearfish. Dropping some tuna chunks to the bottom was successful too. The first fish broke the line but we got the next one, a big shark. After that came a giant trevally. We trolled for ono on the way home and scored one of those also.

May 9th.  Hmmm, camera trouble again. I got the shark picture but no angler picture.

May 7th.  One shark and one ono. I don’t know why but the ono picture didn’t save to my camera.

Apr. 29th.  Our first fish was a little one called a rainbow runner and it had a fresh bite on it from either a barracuda or an ono. I fished some more and found out that it was an ono. We caught some tunas and going to the bottom, we caught this shark.

Apr. 25th.  After catching some small tunas, it was time to try some bottom fishing. We didn’t have to wait for long for the bite at all. Most people would be too tired to fight more than one or two sharks in a row but Doug did 3 in a row! WOW!

Apr. 22nd.  We tried to catch some ono for most of the trip but when that wasn’t going well, we headed off shore for a little while and we were greeted by this marlin. We tried for more ono after that but no luck.

Apr. 19th.  We caught this ono before I even had all of the lures out right in front of the harbor. We soon found some floating debris and spent the next few hours catching yellowfin and bigeye tuna. I used part of a tuna to catch this shark.

Apr. 18th. We spent the morning targeting ono. We got a couple and missed a couple. After finding some bait fish, the bottom was the next to try. All of the bites were instant! First was a giant trevally, then two amberjacks and last, a shark.

Apr. 9th. I had to get the picture on the left from one of the customers. Right before I could take the picture, he dropped the ono overboard! The other 3 ono we caught had no chance of escaping.

Apr. 8th.  Ono is the hottest bite in town right now. We were on a meat hunt so that worked out.

Apr.. 5th.  The day started out slow and I was running out of time on this 3/4 day trip. We caught bait and then caught a shark but the bait was hard to catch. Right before having to head home we caught double baits and turned that into double sharks.

April 4th.  We targeted ono in the morning and caught two. We went to “The Grounds” and caught 3 tunas. Using some tuna meat for bottom fishing we went 1 for 2 and got this shark.

April 2nd.  Just one ono today. The water was too rough to go to my bottom fishing spots. We didn’t see much life out trolling on this short trip.

April 1st.  This ahi tuna played an April Fools joke on us and ate the smallest lure behind the boat. It had only 40 lb. test line and the tuna weighed 75 lbs. It took an hour long fight to get it in and we thought we would break the line any moment. Who got fooled? We also did some speed jigging and caught and released 3 amberjacks.

Mar. 28th.  The tunas wouldn’t bite today but the mackerel did. I used the mackerel for bottom bait and got this shark.

Mar. 26th.  One of the best things in life is fresh tuna. One went to the dinner table and the other one went to a sushi bar.

Mar. 25th.  Another successful trip with an amberjack and a shark because bottom fishing is almost always successful.

Mar. 22nd.  It didn’t take long to find some bait fish and I tried live baiting the surface for a while with no luck. I knew dropping live bait to the bottom would most likely get us some fish. I didn’t know that all 3 would be sharks. The first one was only about 50 lbs. The next one was close to 200 lbs. and the last one at 150 lbs. broke leader before getting a good pic.

Mar. 18th.  Soon after finding a couple of mahi mahi (got 1 lost 1), the wind came up and we had to leave the area. Later in the day next to the fish farm, we scored this ono.

Mar. 15th.  The kids caught bait fish and dad hauled in an amberjack using that bait.

Mar. 12th.  Not many fish are being caught while trolling. Speed jigging is still working. We scored a double almaco jack, 2 on at the same time and a goat fish for the dinner table.

Mar. 11th.  Since I had so much success jigging last week, and the trolling bite wasn’t working, I went to one of last weeks hot spots. We scored an almaco jack and an amberjack.

Mar. 4, 5, 7 and 8.  These guys came from Germany on a speed jigging expedition. Of course the spearfish was caught while trolling and so was one of the ahi tunas but we spent most of the time jigging. We caught 2 of the ahi jigging along with several almaco jacks. We also caught goat fish, hog fish and 2 different kinds of snapper.

Feb. 26th.   Another “WOW” day. We got a spearfish trolling “in the blind” and then we caught an ono near the fish farm. I went to my bottom fish honey hole and we scored 2 sharks. Trolling for the rest of the day we picked up a mahi mahi.

Feb. 25th.   The same spot where we caught and released 3 sharks just 3 days ago but today, we had to wait a long time to finally get one.

Feb. 22nd.   I finally got my first spearfish of the season and we backed it up with a mahi mahi, both while trolling. The bottom bite was even better with the catch and release of 3 sharks.

Feb. 21st.   A couple of shark catch and releases made for a fun time for this father and son team.

Feb. 18th.   Otaru tunas shouldn’t even be here this time of the year but they sure are tasty so we don’t mind 🙂

Feb. 14th.   A small ahi tuna for the dinner table and a shark for the fight of it.

Feb. 7th.  Again, these otaru tunas aren’t even suppose to be around at this time of the year but for some reason, I keep catching them.

Jan. 31st.  The tunas were biting near the offshore fish farm. We caught a combination of ahi and “chunk light” tunas.

Jan. 25th.  Almost a duplicate of my last trip. A 100+ lb. amberjack and 2 sharks.

 Jan. 22nd.  The bait fish were easy to catch and the bottom bites were pretty much instant! The giant trevally was our first fish followed by a big amberjack and then a shark. Time to go trolling to rest up from all the action. We went bottom again and got another shark. We pulled hook on another fish. 2 bites while trolling but neither stuck.

Jan. 21st.  This was a share charter with 2 couples. After catching some mackerel for bait I went to the bottom. We caught and released 2 sharks and had an amberjack bite. Then a tiger shark moved into my spot and everything we hooked up was instantly eaten by it so we went trolling for the rest of the day.

Jan. 18th.  We spent most of this 6 hour trip trolling but it looked like if we kept that up, we were going to get skunked so I decided to do some speed jigging. We went 1 for 2 on amberjacks.

Jan. 15th.  100+ lb. amberjacks are rare and put up a very hard fight. This one was about 120 lbs. We released it and also a shark. I filleted the tuna for the dinner table.

Jan. 14th.  A busy 3/4 day on the water. The tunas were a bit hard to catch but we managed a few. Sending tuna chunks to the bottom we scored a shark and an amberjack. Both photo’d and released. The two bigger tunas went to the dinner table.

Jan. 11th.  While making bait for bottom fishing, a marlin ate one of our baits on the way in and got hooked. I knew we didn’t have much of a chance because the marlin was well over 100 lbs. and the leader was only 50 lb. test. It broke off. We caught and released an amberjack. We also hooked a HUGE tiger shark but the hook pulled out before we could get it to the boat. We did see it though.

Jan. 10th.  The water was rough up North and going South, I couldn’t find any bait fish so we did some jigging. We caught 3 almaco jacks and we lost another 3 fish. One was so big it snapped the hook! We caught this otaru tuna (“Chunk Light”) later while trolling.

Jan. 8th.  OK, not every trip results in multiple fish or even big fish but i work hard to catch something. We caught and released this amberjack.

Jan. 4th.  I seem to be on a roll. 3 marlin in 3 trips. We actually had 3 marlin on all at the same time on this trip. One came off right away. The 2nd one we got in the boat. The third one was on stand-up tackle and the marlin shook the hook out right behind the boat.

Jan. 3rd.  A great way to start the new year!  I went to one of the FAD’s looking for tuna and found this marlin hanging around there but no tunas.

We went to another FAD and found a couple tunas but only got one in the boat.

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