Kona Hawaii Fishing Report – February 2022 wrap-up.

So the striped marlin finally arrived. Not in any kind of numbers though. The blue marlin bite is still out-pacing the striped marlin bite. Some really nice size blues have been showing up. I had a shot at a 500+ pounder a couple weeks ago until my angler accidentlly shoved the drag lever all the way to the ‘break it off’ setting. The lure was an old-time lure that a friend had given me for helping him out fixing his boat. It was only my 3rd day pulling it. I knew it would be a good one as soon as I saw it. Now it’s in the place where all really good lures end up, at the bottom of the ocean. The spearfish bite has started out slow but should pick up over the next couple of months.

There have been porpoise schools off the Kona coast and some nice size ahi have been caught. I worked one for almost 3 hours on one trip but didn’t get a bite. I didn’t see anyone else catch either. Ahi are very finicky. I’ve been catching the otaru tunas though and that’s made for some happy customers.

The mahi mahi season starts now so we should be seeing some show up this month. Some guys have been trying for that off-season ono in the ‘lane’ but without any luck.

Speed jigging the bottom has been quite productive but also a lot of work. I’ve been speed jigging for a long time and you never know when you’re going to get one of those “firsts”. I had my first time ever catching two almaco jacks at the same time on a single jig. They both hit it at the same time. Photo included. I’ve also lost some really nice jigs due to sharks. Sometimes I get part of the fish and my jig back and sometimes not.

See ‘ya on the water,
Capt. Jeff Rogers,

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  1. Jeff, do you ever do any bottom fishing in deeper water with electric reels? I’d love to catch an onaga sometime. I have a friend here on the island who would also be interested in such a trip.
    Jim Harrold

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