Shared / single / group Charters

Share charters are a good option for singles or couples on a budget. In some places, these are called party boats or group charters or there is a way to “join a group” or buy a “spot” on a boat but here in Kona it’s just known as a share charter.

There are only a few operations in Kona that are even capable of regularly putting a shared charter together because a certain number of people are needed for a shared charter to even take place. Some boats offer share charters but have so few customers that they have little to no chance of making a share charter actually happen.

A shared charter on the Aloha Kai is a 50/50 split boat. 1 or 2 people get the rods on one side of the boat and 1 or 2 people get the rods on the other side. The sides are switched half way into the trip. Don’t ask if you can bring a 3rd person on your side. the answer is always no. The cost for a side of the boat (1 or 2 people doesn’t matter) is $425 + 7% Hawaii excise and harbor tax.

There is absolutely no cheaper way for 2 people to go fishing for a full day than this!!!

I run the only viable full day share charter option in Kona.

There are 2 methods for getting a shared charter. Here’s how it works:

1) You can reserve your date (secured with a CC#) and the date of the available share will be listed below. When the other half of the boat is filled, the date below will disappear. If by chance a share is not reached by the date of your charter, we will still go fishing. You can stay with the full day at full price (2X the above price) or you can reduce your trip down to a 3/4 day to save money. Either way, we will still go fishing on the reserved date.

2) I have a standby list (not posted below). Email me with your vacation dates and cell phone number (no texting please). I use the list to fill reserved shares or try to pair up two standbys.

Email (that’s best) or call 808-895-1852 (No texting please) for reservation instructions or to get on the standby list

Here are the dates of open shares that have been initiated and waiting for someone to book the other side of the Aloha Kai.

Aug. 2nd share charter available.

Jan. 27th share charter available.

Jan. 31st share charter available.

YOU can initiate a full day share charter on any date that I have open for a charter. 90% of share get filled.

The earlier you start the share process, the better chance there is of making a completed share charter happen.

email or call 808-895-1852

(No Texting Please)

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